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Success Requires Strong Roots: Ours Are Renewability and Innovative Capacity


For more than 130 years the company Carl Stiefelmayer has been firmly rooted in the industrial life. Coined by challenges, achievements, but also setbacks and always in search of a better solution for the customer.

The company foundation in 1874 came along with the fast-paced industrialisation in the central Neckar region. At that time, the industrial production of measuring instruments was not only innovative, but revolutionary what can be measured among other things by the fact that particularly folding rule and calliper made of wood were widespread as measuring instruments in the metal working industry. Additionally, there were different linear measures depending on country and region. These had been standardised throughout Germany only at the end of the 19 century.

Stiefelmayer catalogue 1902
Stiefelmayer Katalog 1902
The company around 1900
Stiefelmayer Skizze


In the following decades Stiefelmayer had been continuously expanding its range of products. The Stiefelmayer calliper had become an indispensable instrument for precise measuring and a synonym for precision. In the seventies they had achieved another huge success in innovation: The Stiefelmayer 3D horizontal-arm measuring machine with digital display for three-dimensional, computer-added linear measurement started off its triumphant advance in tool making and in the automotive industry. 

Today our company is shaped by intensive development work and expansion. Stiefelmayer metrology, clamping technology or laser technology: we offer our customers innovative products of high quality in all business areas. In metrology our flexible measuring and marking devices, in clamping technology our special chucks, which clamp thin-walled workpieces practically without deformation, and in laser technology our thin-sheet shearing equipment with fibre laser which process complex contours with highest precision and speed.

Renewability and innovative capacity have been the essential columns of success of our company. Today’s generation of the company management and all our employees see this as challenge and positive obligation for the future.


Carl Stiefelmayer mit seiner Belegschaft im Jahre 1889
Carl Stiefelmayer mit seiner Belegschaft im Jahre 1889

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